Auto Locksmith Services

Our Fast, Honest, Dependable mobile auto locksmith service is just what you need to get you on your way like your car lock problems never happened. We all depend on our cars for more than just point A to point B, and we know this. At The Colorado Springs Locksmith company we offer more services for more automotive makes and models than any locksmith in Colorado Springs. That’s why we offer:

Emergency Auto Lockouts

Keys Locked in your car? Keys Locked in Your Trunk? We can open all vehicles quickly, and without damage. We were trained using the best resources, and the newest technology for your vehicle. We also know that when you are locked out waiting to get on with the rest of your day, 5 minutes can feel like 30, so our goal is to get there as fast as possible. All of our auto unlock services come with a flat rate guarantee. This means the price you are quoted on the phone is the same price you’ll pay after your locksmith service has been received.

Key Duplication

We Can Duplicate almost every key for every car on the market today including most luxury vehicles. At The Colorado Springs Locksmith Company we go the extra mile for you by offering key duplication on the go. Tired of going to the dealership and waiting for them to order your key? No need to wait with our service, we keep most keys in stock! If you have lost your keys we can make keys for you onsite with our mobile locksmith service.

Laser Cut or sidewinder Keys

Using our services you won’t need to wait for the dealership to order your keys causing you to find other means of transportation while you wait. For almost all vehicles that utilize this type of key, we can cut a new key for your vehicle on the spot. Call us today to see if we can make a key for your vehicle.

Broken Key Extractions

Warn Keys break in locks all the time. When this happens, we can assist you by extracting the key from the lock, and cutting you a new one while you wait. While not all locks or automotive ignitions are built the same, in most instances we can remove the key without having to replace the lock. While there have been times when we have pulled the tips of broken keys out of door locks, trunk locks, and ignitions, not all locks are created equal.

Ignition Repairs

Whatever has caused you ignition damage, we can fix it. In most cases you won’t have to replace your ignition causing you to spend hundreds on parts because we can fix it. Most ignitions can suffer from minor mechanical malfunctions that can cause it not to turn, and we have the knowledge and tools to get you back on the road saving you time and money! The automotive locks that seem to malfunction more than others are newer Dodge, Jeep, Chryslers, 2002+ Honda Pilot, Honda Odyssey, Honda Accord, and pre 04 Ford Focus. We have seen and repaired many ignition problems on these cars.

Retrieving Keys from Locked Trunks

Using the newest automotive lock technology we are able to retrieve your keys from the trunk of your vehicle without causing damage to your car. In most cases we can pick the lock to fetch those keys out of any locked trunk, and by doing this we bypass any way to cause damage to the vehicle or the lock itself.

Ignition Replacement

In the event that your ignition has needs to be replaced, we can handle this for you. If your vehicle used the same key for the doors and the ignition, in most cases we can make it so your car still uses a one key system.

Stuck Ignition Service

Many car manufacturers use ignitions that are known to malfunction. When your ignition malfunctions becoming stuck, or won’t turn, call us. We have solutions that can get you back on the road quickly, and in some cases without having to have your ignition replaced saving you time, and money.

Transponder or Chipped Key Replacement

Most Cars built after ’98 contain an immobilizer system that requires your key to be programmed to the vehicle. When you lose one of these keys, we can cut, and program these keys for you 24 hours a day. A lot of vehicle manufacturers started to use anti-theft measures in vehicles starting in 1998. Some of these vehicles, like Toyota and Saab, may have required you to get new electronic units replaced in your vehicle. We are one of the very first locksmiths in Colorado Springs to utilize new technology that allows you to get new keys to your vehicle without going to the dealer!

Other automotive locks we service are: gas caps, trailer locks, luggage racks, truck toppers, ski racks, bike racks, and tool boxes. If you need a service that you don’t see listed please don’t hesitate to call.