Residential Locksmith Services
The saying, “Your home is your castle,” always rings true when it comes to protecting your castle from intruders. We know that locks are only part of the solution when it comes to home security, and we offer many different services to suit all of your needs.

  • When you find yourself locked out of your home, The Colorado Springs Locksmith Company is your fist choice to get you back in without damage. In most cases we can pick the lock allowing you to gain access back into your home without damaging the lock. It’s like what you see in the movie, only better.

  • If you lock doesn’t need to be changed, but you need new (different) keys, then this option is for you. By re-keying your residential locks you can deny others access to your residence without having to get new hardware.

  • Ready to step up your home security? With this service we will replace your old locks with newer, better hardware. If your locks are too warn to have them re-keyed then this is always an option too.

  • Did you lose the keys to your home? In most cases we can disassemble the lock and make a key from scratch allowing you to have a new key without having to re-key your entire residence

  • High Security Locks are a good choice if you really want to secure your home. There are many options that exist, and for cheaper than you might think.

  • A security system is a great way to keep your house secure while your away. With many of the systems that exist today you can actually watch your house from your smart phone. As always we offer free estimates with this service too.

  • Adding a flood light to your home is a great way to light up those dark areas at night. With motion sensors the darkest areas around your home will light up when something is lurking in the shadows.